# Which Method to Choose?

Currently there are two ways to use adobe apps.

# 1. Genp

In this method you

  1. Download creative cloud
  2. Install your apps
  3. Patch the adobe apps yourself directly on your system

so it is more trustworthy.

# Benefits

  • Safer
  • Some Cloud features partially work

# Drawbacks

  • Requires more time to set up
  • Some apps don't work (e.g Adobe Acrobat)
  • Sometimes updating the adobe apps might break the patch.
  • No option to roll back once updated the adobe to the latest version.

Click here for Genp Guide

# 2. Monkrus

In this method you

  1. Download the app you want to patch through a torrent.
  2. Install

Since the app is prepatched, you don't have to patch anything and it works out of the box. However, you have to trust the patcher (i.e. Monkrus) and you don't know what patches were used. So, it is a bit unsafe.

There has been few hacking related complaints (accounts like google, instagram and facebook were the most common) steered towards the Collection version, but it's never clear since usually those also use bunch of other crap, or download the executables from another random website, or got it from youtube, and so on.

At the same time there are those who use / used individual version or even the collection, and have never had any of those related issues at all. Be it in weeks, months or even years after use.

Since there is a mix of opinions, it is best to use links given in this guide and install the individual versions. This guide will use the individual versions only.

# Benefits

  • Easier to set up
  • Easier to update (however you have to wait for Monkrus to release the updated version).

# Drawbacks

  • You need to trust the patcher
  • The apps are completely offline, so cloud based features won't work.

Click here for Monkrus Guide

# Support

You can join the GenP reddit or GenP discord for support. However, see the faq for your queries as it's possible your issue might have been already answered.