# Genp Guides

This is unoffical website made from the wiki at r/genp.

Almost all the written material is taken from the subreddit and I would like to thank the subreddit wiki maintainers for their awesome efforts in maintaining the wiki.

I have only converted those files to website format and changed the markdown format in some places and changed some content.

You can suggest changes or corrections to the wiki here.

# Changelog

16 Nov 2023 : Update text to match reddit
23 Sep 2023 : Update the Compatibility Suite Guide, update acropolis version, update adobe block urls, remove one adobe process block.
17 Aug 2023 : Update Adobe Genuine Service URL
04 Aug 2023 : Update Adobe Genuine Service URL
13 Jul 2023: Update the CC Patching guide for latest cc version thanks to AbsentForeskin
04 Jul 2023: Update CC Patching guide for latest cc version Thanks to AbsentForeskin
03 Jul 2023: Update Photoshop link thanks to s4m
29 Jun 2023: Update the powershell commands in genp method thanks to AbsentForeskin
24 Jun 2023: Add Warning of AV blocking Monkrus and minor formatting fix
12 Jun 2023: Move Changelog to README, Added Block Adobe Genuine Service URL step in genp method, update CC patch guide.
07 Jun 2023: Update links to acropolis v1.3 to v1.6
01 Jun 2023: Fix a formatting issue in genp method step 4
01 Jun 2023: Add generative fill instructions

Reddit Last Updated Date: 16-Nov-2023